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About Us

Q: Why should I buy a lift?

A: A lift allows you to safely enjoy your waterfront property without the inconvenience of climbing stairs. It enhances your property as well as the value. You have access to the lake or river in your own unique setting.

Q: Can a wheel chair be taken up or down on a lift?

A: Our standard car is wide enough to accept wheelchairs. We have the capability to make any of our cars handicap accessible.

Q: Can a lift be installed on our steep bank?

A: Yes - It can be adjusted to any incline up to 80 degrees. The track is of rigid construction so that it will span over different types of terrain with very little changing of bank formation. The track is installed as close as possible to the ground in a straight line. In some cases giving lakeshore access never had before.

Q: Do you only install lifts for lake access?

A: Actually we have installed lifts from house to garage in several places were the cost of the driveway would be financially impractical or physically impossible

Q: Can the car be taken off or tipped off the track?

A: NO - There are safety guides and wheels that ride on the inside and underside of the track, thus locking the car onto the track.

Q: How do I get the car when I am at the opposite end of the track?

A: Control switches at the top and bottom enable you to operate the lift from either end, along with the optional remote control.

Q: Does the lift shut off automatically?

A: YES - There are limit switches at both the top and bottom that automatically stop the car, as well as a second back up over limit should the first one fail. We feature state of the art "soft starts & stops".

Q: What would happen if the main cable should break?

A: Two steel, spring loaded pins automatically lock the car to the track. A seperate over speed speed mechanism will stop the carcar if needed.

Q: Can I install or have my contractor install a lift?

A: No. As the manufacturer, our insurance liability does not cover anyone else installing the lifts, except for our trained, authorized distributors.

Q: Why are there so many tram companies who have products that look so similar to yours?

A: We have such a high quality product andsafe design; along with state of the art safety features, that several former employees and customers have started their own businesses. Remember, imitation is the highest form of flattery. They may try to imitate us but they cannot keep pace with our R&D. in fact, most are still offering 10 year old technology.

Q: Should I install steps or a Tram to access the Lake?

A: In many cases a Tram can be installed for nearly the same price as stairs. And a tram will add increased value to your property if you should decide to sell it

Q: Iím having trouble selling my steep lake lot would a tram make a difference?

A: Yes, we have had several customers who could not sell their lake homes until they installed a tram.


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